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Back Office Services

To further enhance the efficiency and profitability of your operations, we also offer back office services for the administrative aspects of your business. This can be an addition to your brokerage service or a stand-alone service.  As part of managing your relationship with retailers, we handle all necessary paperwork, including new item and vendor set-up forms as well as EDI management, purchase order management, deduction management, and document compliance.

EDI Management for Purchase Orders, Warehouse Communication, ASN, and Invoices

Most retail stores today require manufacturers to possess the capability to send and receive orders and invoices through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Our support team can help you adopt EDI, facilitating the setup, testing, and implementation of your various EDI documents, giving you access to the largest retailers.

Order Management

The goal is always 100% on time and in full and sometimes, even the best plans are negatively affected by internal and external factors.  Our team of experienced and dedicated order management representatives will communicate and resolve order issues as they happen.  We will work with both your customer service team and the retailer to ensure that expectations are set and met.

Deduction Management

Our experienced staff can also represent your interests in deductions and invoices, working with retailers and logistics companies to resolve issues of damaged or refused products. A designated Order Management Representative will handle your program from the beginning, thoroughly and efficiently managing all deductions and invoice disputes. Your representative will always research deductions and quickly resolve them, requesting repayment when appropriate, keeping your books clean, and prevent inventory loss.

Product Record and Document Compliance Management

More and more, retailers are utilizing third-party companies to manage their item profiles and vendor document record management.  Third-party companies include One World Sync, RangeMe, Tracegains, Repositrak, and more.  These third-party software platforms are all different and require a trained employee to effectively manage on a day to day basis.  Our sales assistants are trained in the most popular platforms and will ensure that your company is responsive to requests and up to date.

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Backoffice Services